ĐINH Vũ Trang Ngân: Growing up with the Internet – Social networking and the young people in Vietnam

ĐOÀN Thị Quý Ngọc: The translation of personal pronouns from German into Vietnamese in “Siegfried und Kriemhild” and “Dích Frit và Krim Hin”

HẠ Kiều Phương: Speech prosody and misunderstandings in intercultural communication: a study of listener behavior in Vietnamese and German task-oriented dialogues

Theresa HANSKE: Nouns and Verbs in Vietnamese

Tim KAISER: Education in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam between class politics and nation building: The Case of the School for Complementary Education to Central Workers and Peasants

Katharina KÖNIG: Vietnamese „at home“ – Language ideologies of multilingualism in narrated biographies with people of Vietnamese origin in Germany

Sandra KURFÜRST: Social movements in Vietnam – Networking in cyber space?

Erland MEYER: Social implications of deliberate irregular usage of Vietnamese kinship titles to extra-kinship persons

NGUYỄN Quốc Dũng: Frequency of phonemes in Southern Vietnamese texts and its contribution to developing speech tests for patients with hearing impairments

Ngân NGUYỄN-MEYER: Linguistic differences between German and Vietnamese and their impact on collaborations of German and Vietnamese speakers

TRẦN Thị Minh: Categories as a tool for evaluating Vietnamese texts written by Vietnamese-German adolescents: explanation, limitation and initial analysis

TRẦN Thuần: Existential constructions, sentence focus and predicate focus in Vietnamese

TRẦN Thúy Hiền: Is Vietnamese really a monosyllabic language? Evidence from acoustic-perceptual studies in Vietnamese final consonants